The best electric heaters are the ones that do the job for you. People are turning to electric space heaters because of the high cost of fuel. An electric heater can provide warmth where you need it without a drastic increase to your utility bill.

Dayton1VNW9 There are three basic types of portable space heaters, electric, gas and kerosene. Since the cost of gas and kerosene are increasing, more and more people are using electric heaters to heat parts of their homes. Some of the newest, best electric heaters are no longer hot to the touch.

CraneEE6353 There are different types of electric space heaters. You can have radiant heaters or convection heaters. Radiant space heaters generate heat like the sun. The rays penetrate the skin and warm people and objects directly. The best radiant space heaters are under the desk leg warmers.

DeLonghiOilFilled An electric radiant heater with a fan can heat an entire room. You can find a very wide range of radiant heaters with fans, both in price and efficiency. But it is not necessarily true that the more expensive heaters are the best electric heaters.

Some popular radiant space heaters are quartz infrared heaters, ceramic heaters, electric fireplaces and electric stoves. These can range from $50.00 to $2000.